How to view your family digital photos on a TV


Viewing family and vacation photos on an overhead projector is long behind us thanks to HDTVs and digital cameras. There are a variety of options for viewing your digital photos on your TV, from burning them to disc to connecting them directly to the television via A/V inputs, USB or a photo viewing device. Setup is fast and simple whatever option you choose.

Connect the Digital Camera to Your TV - Purchase a A/V connector cable for your digital camera if you do not already have one. Most new digital cameras include A/V cables along with USB cables. Insert the A/V connector cable into the camera.

Connect the A/V input cables into your TV, matching the audio and video cords to the appropriate port.

Turn on the TV and the camera.

Change the TV's display to match the input to where you've connected the camera to view the pictures on your camera. If you're not sure, simply toggle through the TV's input choices until you see your photos appear on the screen. If the photos do not appear, make sure the camera is properly connected and turned on.

Navigate through the photos using the camera. You can enable the slide show feature on your camera if it has one to view them as a slide show on your TV.

Burn a Photo CD or DVD - Insert a blank CD or DVD into your optical drive.

Launch DVD Maker, a built-in Microsoft program used for making photo slide shows that can be burned to CD or DVD. DVD Maker is included with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Click "Add Files" to add the photos you would like to view on your TV to the disc.

Adjust the transitions and slide show settings to your liking, and then click "Burn."

Insert the burned CD or DVD into your DVD player to view them on your TV.


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