How to draw your own plans for a self build home


How to draw your own plans for a self build home


Though you’ll need to have final blueprints drawn up, designing your own home is the best way to ensure that you get exactly what you want. Follow these steps to get a head start on building the house you’ve always wanted.

Step One

Make a listing of your family's requirements: how many bedrooms you need, how large the rooms should be, what floor plan you want in your kitchen, if you want a formal living room and dining room, and so forth.

Step Two

Look around at houses you like in your neighborhood. Take note of details you like on houses you see; for example, you may not like your neighbor's entire house, but you love the porch.

Step Three

Read home design magazines for ideas.

Step Four

Read books on home design as well as those with collections of plans.

Step Five

Draw your floor plan in pencil on blank paper or on graph paper. Draw to scale; make a block or an inch equal a specific distance. Common scales are 1 inch = 4 feet and 1 inch = 8 feet.

Step Six

Consider using some helpful home design software- you'll probably find this easier than drawing. Most packages come with templates so you can easily insert appliances, fixtures and even furniture into your plan.

Step Seven

Bring your plans to a architect so he or she can draw up building plans. The architect can also catch any problems or suggest changes.


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