How to clean your paint brush


How to clean your paint brush


Paintbrushes are investments that require proper cleaning to ensure their longevity. Forgetting to clean paint from paintbrushes after each use can ruin them, since paint causes bristles to stiffen and dry out. Properly cleaning and maintaining paintbrushes allows them to smoothly and evenly apply paint to surfaces. Promptly clean paintbrushes to preserve their functionality and lifespan. Constantly purchasing new paintbrushes for each project can become costly overtime. Fortunately, basic solutions and supplies can clean paintbrushes.

Step One

Rinse the paintbrush's bristles under flowing warm water. Wash out as much paint from the bristles as possible.

Step Two

Fill a clean, empty paint bucket with 1/2 gallon of warm water. Add 2 tbsp. of liquid dish soap to the water. Thoroughly mix the solution.

Step Three

Submerge the paintbrush in the soapy water without allowing the bristles to touch the bottom of the paint bucket. Agitate the paintbrush in the soapy water for 20 seconds using rapid back-and-forth motions.

Step Four

Refill the paint bucket with fresh warm water. Agitate the paintbrush's bristles in the warm water for 20 seconds to wash out any remaining paint and grime.

Step Five

Continue rinsing the paintbrush in fresh warm water until the water no longer becomes cloudy. Use the same rinsing method as in the previous step.

Step Six

Scrub the paintbrush handle near the top of the bristles with a nylon scrub brush to remove hardened paint. Rinse the paintbrush's handle under warm water to wash away the paint debris.

Step Seven

Rake the paintbrush's bristles with a brush comb to remove any remaining debris.

Step Eight

Lay the paintbrush on clean paper towels to thoroughly air-dry. Insert the paintbrush in its original protective cover once the bristles are completely dry.


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