How to make a sherry trifle


How to make a sherry trifle


Trifle is deliciously sweet. A trifle is a traditional British dessert and this one has been jazzed up to ensure that your trifle creation finishes the meal with style.

Step One

Ingredients -800 g / 28 oz shop bought or vanilla sponge cake sliced into 4cm cubes 420 ml / 15fl oz sherry, dry or semi-sweet 850 ml / 30fl oz of packet ready made custard 250 g / 8.8 oz (approx) of jam of choice 2 bananas 200 g / 7 oz raspberries 400 g / 14 oz peaches 850 ml / 1/5 pt boiling water 250 ml / 8.7fl oz double or whipping cream hundreds and thousands or grated chocolate to garnish

Step Two

Make the custard. Place a cloth under the large bowl to stabilize it. Pour the custard powder into a large bowl. Gradually whisk in the hot water, making sure that the powder is fully dissolved before adding the next batch of water. Keep whisking until the custard thickens.

Step Three

Make the base. Add all the cake pieces to the serving bowl and push them down with your fingers. Using the spatula, spread the jam of your choice over the top.

Step Four

Pour over half of the sherry. Push down with the spatula and repeat with the second half.

Step Five

Layer with fruit. Place the chopped banana on the trifle base and spread the pieces over evenly.Add the peaches and raspberries.

Step Six

Pour over the custard and smooth it all around the edges of the bowl.

Step Seven

Chill. Place the sherry trifle in the fridge for roughly half an hour to cool.

Step Eight

Whip the cream. Put the cream into the other large bowl and whip into soft peaks.

Step Nine

Crown with cream. Dollop the cream on the sherry trifle and spread it over evenly.

Step Ten

Present and serve. Sprinkle over a generous handful of hundreds and thousands of grated chocolate, and serve!


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