What to do with old wine bottles?


What to do with old wine bottles?


What do you do with old wine bottles after dinner parties, fundraisers or just a few nights at home? Sure, they can be recycled. But they can also be re-used in fun and useful ways. Take advantage of especially colorful or beautifully designed bottles. These easy ideas will help you turn last night’s trash into tomorrow’s unique conversation piece.

Step One

Garden Border -Collect a lot of wine bottles.

Step Two

Soak the bottles in hot water to loosen the labels.

Step Three

Scrape off the labels.

Step Four

Dry the bottles.

Step Five

Soak the soil in the area you want to place the bottles. The soil will become soft and make bottle placement easier.

Step Six

Stick the bottles in the ground upside down as a border around the garden. It is easiest to put the bottle edging between a sidewalk or walkway and the garden.


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