How to paint a skateboard


How to paint a skateboard


Painting your skateboard can add personality and individuality to board. This process takes a lot of thought, though, to get just the look and message that fits you. Here is how to find the right look for your board and how to paint it.

Step One

Come up with an idea for your painting. Get some paper and a pen and start doodling. This is the best way to find an image for your board. If you have any artist friends, ask them about sketching up some ideas. Cruise the Internet for some clip art that you can enlarge.

Step Two

After you find the perfect image, you will need to enlarge it so that it will fit on your board. This can be done by taking the image to a print shop.

Step Three

Remove the wheels and spray paint the board a solid background color and let the paint dry.

Step Four

Transfer the blown-up image to your board using transfer paper, carbon paper, or a transfer pencil.

Step Five

Paint the image using your enamel paints and let the paint dry.

Step Six

Shellac the board 3-4 times to protect the painting.


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