How to calculate the selling price of your property


How to calculate the selling price of your property


How to Calculate the Cost of Selling a Home. When you’re selling a home, you think about the amount of equity in the property and profit margin from the sale. The profit may dwindle with the costs associated with the sale of a home. Since most people use the proceeds of the sale of a home to purchase another residence, it’s vital to calculate the cost of selling a home.

Step One

Expect to pay 4 to 6 percent commission to the listing real estate agent. Discuss the commission with the agent and try to negotiate the fee by adjusting the services from the agent. Understand that some agents will accept a lower fee in a slow market.

Step Two

Consider transfer taxes and property taxes, as well as legal fees, that are associated with the closing. Calculate 2 to 4 percent of the final sale price. Check the state laws regarding prepaid taxes and home insurance escrow, which may result in a refund.

Step Three

Contact the holder of the current mortgage and ask about pre-payment penalties for paying off the mortgage early (following the sale of the home). Ask the lender for a payoff statement to verify the figures. Include any service fees as a tax deduction.

Step Four

Plan to pay for a home inspection, which is generally required by a buyer's lender. Arrange for the home inspection prior to listing the property to resolve potential problems identified.

Step Five

Calculate the cost of pre-listing repairs to the home. Get at least three estimates for necessary work. Maintain an itemized list of expenses for tax purposes.

Step Six

Make a list of all cosmetic improvements completed before the property is listed. Include the costs for new paint, hardware, carpet and flooring and landscaping. Consider the decreasing labor costs in the way of "sweat equity" to minimize cash outlay.

Step Seven

Look at relocation expenses as part of the cost of selling the home. Think about moving fees, storage costs, the purchase of new appliances, cosmetic updates to the new address, transfer fees and deposits for services and utilities.


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