How to Ride a Bicycle Like Lance Armstrong


How to Ride a Bicycle Like Lance Armstrong


Lance Armstrong’s stunning 7 consecutive wins in the Tour de France were a product of his physiological and psychological discipline, strategic advantages and superior equipment. You can replicate some of Lance’s magic by following his techniques.

Step One

Get down to your lowest healthy weight. After cancer treatment, Armstrong had lost 20 pounds but retained his strength.

Step Two

Summon your determination. Armstrong had a legendary ability to get into "the zone." He had an unparalleled hunger to win and willingness to endure pain after defeating metastatic brain cancer.

Step Three

Buy the right bike for racing. Made from lightweight carbon fiber, Armstrong's climbing bike was 3 ½ ounces lighter than a tour bike. This sounds insignificant, but riders must have state-of-the art equipment to get the winning edge. Equip your bike with aerodynamic disk wheels.

Step Four

Position your body on the bike to reduce wind drag. Most bikers know the forward-leaning posture associated with bike racing. You must fine tune this angle to maximize your aerodynamics without losing power.

Step Five

Choose the clothing of champions. Typical racing bike apparel is form fitting, but Armstrong's had strategically placed dimples to deflect the wind.

Step Six

Train intensely if you want to compete. There isn't a substitute for the long, grueling hours Armstrong clocked on a bike. Sometimes he rode more than 450 miles a week.

Step Seven

Ride at different altitudes. Your lungs must learn how to extract the most oxygen from the thin air at high altitudes.


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