How to have a low cost wedding


How to have a low cost wedding


Have a low cost wedding by following this simple step by step guide.

It is estimated that the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is just above $22,000. The expense leads many to take on an extra job or even take on the cost as a form of debt. For those couples wanting to minimize wedding expenses, there are many possibilities, including focusing on the reception – typically the biggest expense of a wedding.

Step One

Keep your guest list to a minimum. It will reduce the size of space you'll need and the number of people to feed.

Step Two

Hold your reception at a friend or family member's home, a restaurant or park. These venues can be much less expensive than a hotel, country club or private spot.

Step Three

Opt for cocktails and hors d' hoeuvres or a buffet dinner over a three-course meal.

Step Four

Serve beer, wine and soft drinks rather than a full open bar.

Step Five

Dress for less. Rather than spending top-dollar for an extravagant designer gown, consider buying an affordable dress off the rack, wearing a formal gown or cocktail dress on your big day, renting your wedding wardrobe or buy a used gown in like-new condition.

Step Six

Enlist family and friends to take photos, hiring a pro only for the ceremony.

Step Seven

Print your own wedding invitations from your own home PC. Many companies are now offering modern and classy designs at affordable, do-it-yourself rates.

Step Eight

Buy wholesale flowers, or pick stems from a flower garden.

Step Nine

Stick with simple gold or silver wedding bands.


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