What food to carry while rock climbing


What food to carry while rock climbing


Climbing trips can be very exhausting so you need to replenish the lost energy by taking in fluids and Food. While you can obtain water from various sources in the outdoors, Food, on the other hand, can be hard to come by. You should therefore take an ample supply of Food with you. This section will deal with the various considerations when bringing your Climbing Food.

Step One

First, there are the typical freeze-dried Food which are especially made for climbers. These packages are easy to carry and can supply you with the right amount of Food to last you a day with enough calories and vitamins. However, these packages are quite expensive and they may not be suited to your taste as well.

Step Two

Alternatively, you can also prepare your own Food withingredients that you can get from local supermarkets. They include dry soups, dry potatoes, pudding mixes, dried milk, instant hot cereal, instant rice, dried fruits, dried meat, pasta, and processed cheese.

Step Three

Many vegetables are also cheap, easy to find in the local markets, nutritious, quick cooking (if you chop them up small enough), and long-lasting. Soft fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, bananas, or avocadoes) have a much shorter life span so you should avoid bringing them as much as possible. If you do bring them, you should carry them very carefully.

Step Four

When Climbing, it is always better to carry as much fresh Food (fruit and vegetables) as possible and to cut down on tins and packets. This could save weight and reduces the amount of rubbish you need to bring down. The key here is to pack as much food and as lightly as you can.

Step Five

Finally, remember that when you are above 4000 metres, water will boil at a lower temperature. This means that your Food would take more time to cook. Therefore, do not bring lentils, beans, or rice as it would take too much fuel to cook them. Pasta is a better alternative.

Step Six

In sum, there are only three things to consider when deciding on what Climbing Food to bring. They should be easy to carry, easy to dispose of at a later time and can be easily cooked. Keep them in mind before you go to your next climbing trip. They can save a lot of time and load.


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