How to repair caravan windows


How to repair caravan windows


Repairing the windows on your Caravan is a simple repair that can be done in a few steps. With the proper materials in hand, you can fix a broken Caravan window in little time.

Step One

Spray window cleaner or a soapy solution of water and detergent onto the window. Scrub it down with a sponge, rinse, and then dry it.

Step Two

Protect yourself with goggles and heavy duty gloves before removing glass shards from within the crack. Use the sharp tip of the blade to pick out any loose glass pieces.

Step Three

Fit the suction cup stabilizer to the window with the crack underneath the suction cup.

Step Four

Place the injector into the open slot within the stabilizer that is dedicated for the injector. Follow the unit instructions that come along with the stabilizer if needed.

Step Five

Put the resin tube into the injector.

Step Six

Remove the injector and watch the resin fill the crack. It will be drawn from the tube due to the intense suction.

Step Seven

Take the stabilizer off of the window carefully. Place strips of adhesive curing film over the liquid resin. Remove the strips once the resin has dried in a few hours.


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