How to make the caravan level when parked


How to make the caravan level when parked


Levelling your caravan is a very important task – Once you have parked on your pitch you will need to level out your caravan otherwise you will be forever cleaning water from the shower or draining board, or your children (or yourself) may even fall out of bed!!

You can buy a caravan leveller which you drive your caravan on to, to level it off on sloping ground. When you buy caravan levellers you normally get wheel chocks as well, which are put under your caravan’s wheels to stop it rolling away.

You could always make your own levelling blocks out of wood or blocks, but ensure that the wood you use is good quality.

Step One

Below we list some tips for levelling your caravan and pitching it on a slope:Always have a mini spirit level handy when pitching up and levelling your caravan.

Step Two

When pitching on a slope, try to site the caravan with its front facing downhill which will make it much easier when removing the ramp if the grass becomes boggy.

Step Three

If you have to pitch sideways on a slope, don't try to raise one side of the caravan more than 15cm as it will not be easy stepping into the caravan. If possible, try to move to another pitch!!

Step Four

When you are level, put on your car handbrake, switch off the engine but leave the car in gear. Pull on the caravan handbrake fully.

Step Five

Push the wheel chock firmly into the correct position behind the wheel (or in front depending on which way you are sloping).

Step Six

Place another wheel chock behind (or in front of) the wheel on the other side.

Step Seven

Now you are ready to unhitch the caravan and use the jockey wheel to level it off (front to back).

Step Eight

A very good tip is to have a piece of string or rope attached to each chock. This will ensure you are able to remove it without getting your hands too near the moving wheel.


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