How to replace the Heater Core on a Grand Caravan


How to replace the Heater Core on a Grand Caravan


Your heater’s failure to generate hot air and leaking coolant are the biggest signs that you need to replace the heater core. On a Dodge Grand Caravan, the heater core is located on the driver’s side of the instrument panel instead of the passenger’s side. You don’t have to completely remove the instrument panel to access it, but you will have to work around the numerous other components on that side of the Caravan. This procedure can vary depending on the exact year of your Dodge Grand Caravan.

Step One

Removing the Heater Core - Disconnect the Caravan's negative battery cable. Wait at least two minutes to ensure the air bags are completely deactivated.

Step Two

Place a large container under the radiator. Remove the drain valve at the bottom of the radiator and drain the coolant into the container.

Step Three

Remove the fasteners for the silencer boot at the base of the lower steering shaft, using a wrench. Push the silencer to the side.Remove the brake lamp switch from its bracket. Disconnect the power brake booster's push rod from the brake pedal arm by removing its pin.

Step Four

Remove the three screws for the heater core shield, located on the left side of the heater/AC distribution housing. Pull the shield away from the housing, disengage its locating tabs and remove the shield.

Step Five

Place towels underneath the heater core tubes. Remove the screw for the heater core tube's flange, push both tubes toward the dashboard and disengage their fittings from the ports. Plug the openings with rubber plugs.

Step Six

Remove the two screws fastening the heater core's mounting plate to the distribution housing and pull the core out of the housing. You may need to pull up on the gas pedal and push down on the brake for more clearance.

Step Seven

Installing the Heater Core - Insert the replacement heater core into the distribution housing. Fasten the heater core's flange to the housing using its screws.

Step Eight

Reconnect the heater tubes to the housing. Make sure the slots fit into the tabs on the ports and the flange is flush against the ports. Attach the flange with its screw.

Step Nine

Reconnect the heater core shield to the housing with its clips and screws.Reinstall the power brake booster for the brake pedal, using its pin. Connect the brake lamp switch and the silencer on the steering shaft.

Step Ten

Refill the engine coolant, using fresh coolant and water if the old mix is dirty. Reconnect the battery cable.


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