How to get kids to avoid fatty foods


How to get kids to avoid fatty foods


Removing fatty foods from your and your children diet is a positive first step to living a healthier lifestyle. Initially, eating healthily and avoiding fatty foods might prove difficult, as your kids will find temptation around every corner. Eliminating fatty foods from your kids diet and switching to a low-fat lifestyle requires dedication and personal motivation to resist falling back into your past eating habits. You can help your kids stay motivated with a few modifications to your everyday life.

Step One

Remove all of the junk food from your pantry, cupboard and refrigerator. Either throw it all away or give it to friends and family. Removing fatty foods from your home takes away the temptation of breaking the new diet.

Step Two

Stock up on healthy snacks, replacing all of the fatty food you removed. Go to the grocery store and purchase healthy foods that are easy to prepare. Having healthy food on hand will encourage your kids to avoid fatty foods and allow them to eat something better when a hunger pang strikes.

Step Three

Fill all candy dishes and cookie jars with healthier alternatives such as natural granola and dried fruit and vegetable chips. Additionally, stock your refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Step Four

Include your child in shopping for and preparing meals. This will get your child interested in cooking and eating well. Even a young child can help you toss a salad.

Step Five

Give them healthy alternatives with kids when they are going out with friends. Resisting junk food is difficult when everyone around them is indulging in high-fat meals. Bringing own snack or lunch will give them a healthy option to help fight temptation and turn down junk food.

Step Six

Write down different motivational messages to your kids on sticky notes and place them where they will view them frequently. Keeping their eating goals in mind will help them fight temptation and keep them on track to a healthier lifestyle.


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