How to keep spiders out of your home, naturally


Most spiders that live in homes can have beneficial effects, such as eating insect pests. Of course, you may still prefer to have spiders reside outside of your home, for reasons of aesthetics or personal comfort. You can keep spiders at bay using homemade natural remedies rather than expensive sprays or potentially toxic bug bombs. The easiest solution is to spray a natural repellent to prevent spiders from coming into—and staying—in your home.

Step One

Clean and declutter your home. Spiders love to hide away in dark nooks and cubbyholes. They also love wood and cardboard. If you have lots of cluttered shelves or boxes lying around, spiders will find them. Keeping surfaces uncluttered also makes it easier to spot and remove spider webs.

Step Two

Mix a repellent solution of 3 cups water, 1 teaspoon dish soap and 1 tablespoon essential oil or natural extract. Pour contents into a clean spray bottle and shake well.

Step Three

Spray the repellent around door and window openings, along baseboards of exterior walls and any other likely entry points for spiders. Also spray webs and other area were spiders have set up residence inside your home.

Step Four

Reapply the repellent spray as needed during seasons when spiders are most active or when you notice spiders in the home.


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