How to use a GPS


How to use a GPS


Have you ever got lost and not been able to find your way to your destination? Well, a device called a GPS (Global Positioning System) was invented. Here is how to use the GPS if you’ve got a new one.

Step One

Buy a GPS. TomTom, Magellan Roadmate, and Garmin are currently popular GPS models. They should cost under $170 (US), generally between $120 and $150, depending on the model.

Step Two

Turn on the GPS.

Step Three

Choose a destination by entering an address or search for things if you don't know the address.

Step Four

Follow the directions of the GPS. If you want, there are options to alter the route.

Step Five

Arrive at your destination.

Step Six

There are options/settings available on your GPS, so, if you want, change the settings.

Step Seven

Add some favorites to your GPS. If you go somewhere frequently and need the directions, put the destination on there.


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