How to sell your house on Ebay


How to sell your house on Ebay


Ebay has over 4,300 real estate listings on their auction website every month. With over 147 million viewers in the UK and internationally, this can offer the greatest amount of exposure for your real estate listing. You can conduct a virtual open house all day every day. If you set up your listing as an auction, having an end date can create a great sense of anticipation and urgency. Most items sold on eBay require an insertion fee and a percentage of the final sale. But for real estate it’s just a flat insertion fee depending on whether you wish to list your property for 30 or 90 days.

Step One

Register free on eBay. Go to and click on "sign in" or "register" at the top of the website.

Step Two

Set up a Seller's Account. Click on "Sell" at the top of the home page. From the drop down menu click on "seller information center." In the new page, click on "getting started." Under "Learning Essentials" click on "Creating a Seller's Account" for information on how to set up your seller's account.

Step Three

Click on the "sell" button at the top of any eBay page when you're ready to begin creating your listing.

Step Four

Choose from either the ad format to help in lead generation or you can opt for the classic format.

Step Five

Fill out the "Sell Your Item" form and submit your listing - don't forget to include pictures of the property. Create an effective eBay Real Estate listing.

Step Six

Submit your listing.


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