How to install a remote electric gate openers


How to install a remote electric gate openers


Having a fenced property with a gate is common in many places, especially in rural areas. Getting out of the car to open the gate, then getting back out of the car to close the gate, can become an annoyance. While many people resort to just leaving their gates open, a more practical option is to install a remote controlled gate opener. This option allows you to open the gate without getting out of the car, adding a degree of convenience while still retaining the security offered by the gate.

Step One

Measure the area where the gate will be installed to determine where the gate posts should be located. The space between the posts should be equal to the length of the gate plus two inches. The two additional inches allow room for the stop plate and the gate hinges. Use a tape measure to measure the distance, then use surveyor's paint to mark each end so you will know where to place the posts.

Step Two

Install the gate posts. Use post hole diggers to dig the post holes on the two places where the surveyor's paint appears. Dig the holes deep enough for the posts to be planted at least 12 inches into the ground. When the holes are prepared, mix one bag of concrete into a wheel barrow and park it next to one of the post holes. Place the post into the hole and fill it with concrete. Repeat the process on the second post hole. Allow the concrete to dry overnight.

Step Three

Install the hinges and hang the gate. Use an electric drill equipped with a screwdriver tip to install the gate hinges onto one of the posts. With the hinges on the post, lift the gate and slide the hinge slots over the top of your gate hinges. The gate is now mounted.

Step Four

Mount the main control panel to the fence post. Detach the outer cover of the control panel to expose the mounting brackets. Set the cover to the side. Position the control panel on the post with the gate hinges, about half way up the post. Use the electric drill to drive screws through the brackets and into the post, securing the control panel in place.

Step Five

Prepare the power supply for your remote controlled gate. If your gate kit comes with solar panels, simply mount the panel onto one of the gate posts, in a position where it will receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day. If your gate kit requires direct wiring, use a shovel or ditch digger to create a small trench leading to the area where the home's breaker panel is located. Route the gate's wiring through PVC pipe and lay the pipe in the hole before covering it with dirt. Connect the wiring to the breaker panel, but leave the power turned off. Connect the other end of the wiring to the power supply input inside the control panel.

Step Six

Mount the infrared receiver to the post, using the screw that is provided. Try to position the receiver in a location where it is clearly visible no matter which direction you are travelling in. Use staples to route the wire from the infrared receiver to the control panel. Plug the end of the wire into the IR port inside the control panel.

Step Seven

Secure the bracket assembly to the gate post. The bracket assembly is used to mount the gate opener, and should be located on the gate post on the hinge side of the gate. If the gate post is thin enough, drill holes all the way through the post and bolt the bracket assembly to the post with 3/8 inch bolts. If your gate post is too large to be drilled through, use 6 inch screws to mount the bracket assembly.

Step Eight

Connect the gate opener to the bracket assembly. The opener and bracket assembly are sold together as a kit, and are manufactured to fit together. The base of the gate opener contains a metal brace that has a hole in the centre. Insert this brace into the bracket assembly and secure it in place with the hinge pin. Attach the other end of the opening arm directly onto the gate.

Step Nine

Connect the cross member to the gate. The horizontal cross member connects to the gate opener on the hinge side of the gate, and extends across to the opening side of the gate. Attach the gate's stop plate to the far end of the cross member. The stop plate prevents the gate from moving beyond the close point.

Step Ten

Program the gate. Turn the power on at the breaker box, then turn on the power in the gate's control panel. Press the menu button to enter into the program mode. Manually open the gate all the way to the open position, then press the "open" button to program that position. Manually close the gate all the way, then press the "close" button to program that position. Exit the menu to finish programming the gate opener. Attach the outer cover to the control panel and use the remote control to open and close the gate.


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