to make a house number plaque


to make a house number plaque


If your house number is not prominently displayed, your house would be almost indistinguishable from others and unrecognizable to guests. You could purchase a run-of-the-mill plaque from a housewares store or you could get creative. Making your own mosaic house-number plaque will add a touch of color to your front entrance.

Step One

Wrap plates and tiles in an old towel and smash them into small pieces with a hammer. This is best done outdoors away from small children and animals to avoid injury.

Step Two

Draw your house number onto the wooden plaque base using stencils and a pencil. Make sure the numbers are large enough to be seen from the street. If you cannot find a large enough stencil, try drawing the numbers free-hand. Your outline will be covered with the tile design.

Step Three

Affix hanging hardware to the back of the wooden base. It is very important to do this before creating your mosaic; otherwise, you could damage the design.

Step Four

Apply a thin coat of silicone glue to the entire wooden base. Affix shards of plate/tile to the base starting with the numbers and working toward the outer edges. It is a good idea to use contrasting colors for the numbers and background to make them stand out. Set the plaque aside for the glue to dry overnight.

Step Five

Mix a small amount of grout and spread it over the entire surface of the plaque. Be sure to fill in all of the spaces between the tiles. Allow the grout to set for 20 minutes, then wipe the surface of the plaque clean with a damp cloth.

Step Six

Apply one or two coats of clear varnish to the surface of the entire plaque. Set aside to dry overnight before hanging.


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