How to create your own Halloween costume


How to create your own Halloween costume


Children love to dress up for Halloween but today costume prices are horrifying. This year save your money and make a homemade Halloween costume. The ideas are endless and the supplies could be hiding in your closet. The best part of making Halloween costumes is that you can be as creative as you want to be. Here are some spooktacular tips to help you make your own costume.

Step One

Get inspired. Look through children's nursery rhyme books for beloved characters. Flip through a magazine or catalog. Take a walk in a party store or costume shop. Watch a television show that your child loves.

Step Two

Use your imagination. Talk to your children about potential ideas. Children are always using their imagination so they can be a terrific resource. With a good imagination even wearing a simple sheet could transform a child into Aladdin.

Step Three

Shop in the attic. We often save old clothes that are outdated but we just can't part with them. Great grandma's fancy dress and black ankle boots could make an awesome old lady costume. All you would need is a gray wig, a cane and some fake wire glasses. Wear oversized nylons to droop to your ankles.

Step Four

Look in the basement. Dad's workshop could hammer in a few ideas. Put on a tool belt, a hard hat and work boots. Put fake tools in your belt, throw on a flannel shirt and attach a tape measure to the other side of your belt. You are a construction worker.

Step Five

Browse your closet. There are sure to be many homemade costume ideas in there. A hobo, a gypsy, a pirate and don't stop there. A baby, a hippie, a retro disco dancer and even a doctor if you have a white shirt, pants and white blazer. Stick a name tag on yourself and them find a cheap stethoscope for your neck.

Step Six

Sift through the kitchen for ideas. Make homemade makeup, use food containers, cardboard or an orange lawn bag to become a stuffed pumpkin. Dress up like a baker or a butcher.

Step Seven

Keep it low cost and easy. Shop in thrift stores and consignment shops for costume pieces. You can find jewelry, hats, shoes, ties and other accessories for pretty cheap in used stores or dollar stores. Don't sew anything either. Use no-sew ideas and make your homemade Halloween costume with Res-Q-tape.


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