How to create your own super hero costume


How to create your own super hero costume


Have you created your own superhero in a comic, play, or movie? You’ve almost finished creating them, but you need one last thing – a great costume. After all, every superhero needs to hide his or her identity with a costume, don’t they?

Step One

Figure out the colour scheme of the costume. Usually, the whole costume should be one or two colours/shades only. Doing this just ensures that the costume does not distract from your superhero. When figuring out the colours of the costume, think of the powers your hero will have. For example, using a wide variety of colors for the costume isn't a good idea unless the powers of the hero are related to a rainbow.

Step Two

Think up the design of the costume. Will it cover the whole body? Does it have a cape? Design the actual outfit first, before figuring out the logos. Once you have designed your costume, it gives you a blank slate to work with. Find a signature letter or symbol that relates to your superhero. For example, Spiderman has a spider and spider-web design on his costume, Batman has a bat logo, and Superman has an 'S' logo.

Step Three

Decide on a mask. What kind of mask will your hero wear? Will it cover the whole face, or only the eyes? The colour should go along with the characteristics of the hero. For example, Batman has a black mask because his name has the word bat in it, which is related to the dark. Alternatively, will your hero even have a mask at all? Not all superheroes have to have masks! Think of Superman, for example.

Step Four

Contemplate the utility belt. Most superheroes carry a utility belt with them. You will have to decide how it looks and what it contains inside it. Consider having your superhero have a signature weapon that they carry with them in their utility belt.

Step Five

Think up some extra gadgets. A superhero could have gadgets built inside his costume as well. Another thing to remember is that a superhero does not have both gadgets and super powers. It will be preferable if you decide one or he will be nearly invincible.

Step Six



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