How to make a costume from regular clothes


How to make a costume from regular clothes


It happens to everyone. It’s one week before Halloween and you still haven’t picked out the perfect costume. Perhaps you have, but you can’t bring yourself to cough up the dough for items you’ll only wear once. However, you could be the talk of the party in a stylish costume you’ve made using regular clothes you already have in your closet. You can use your existing wardrobe to become a king, hippie, pilot and much more with a just a few easy steps.

Step One

Put on a terry cloth bathrobe to become king for a day. A yellow scarf tied at the waist makes a perfect belt. Fashion a crown by cutting a piece of cardboard into the shape of a crown and covering it with aluminium foil. Add buttons or beads to it to create the illusion of a crown covered in jewels.

Step Two

Cut a pair of jeans several inches up the outside seam and use funky fabric to fill the hole to make a pair of bell bottoms for a hippie costume. Use a scarf as a bandanna and tie-dye a T-shirt to complete the look. Bead necklaces, sandals and large sunglasses are perfect accessories for a 1970s look.

Step Three

Combine a blue button-down shirt with an old suit and tie to create a pilot costume. Attach three or four stripes around the sleeves' cuffs with gold ribbon or tape spray-painted gold. You can also make a pin shaped like a pair of wings from cardboard spray-painted gold; hot-glue the wings to a safety pin to complete the look.

Step Four

Use a white bed sheet to make toga or ghost costume. For a toga, simply fold the sheet in half longways and wrap one end several times around your body. Drape the remaining part of the sheet over your shoulder and pin it in the back. To dress as a ghost, drape the costume over your head. Cut some eye holes in the fabric and draw on a ghostly mouth with a fabric pen to make your costume more authentic.

Step Five

Tape white balloons of different sizes to a white jogging suit to make a bubble bath costume. Add a shower cap to your head and hold a rubber duck to make your costume bath time-worthy.

Step Six

Raid your parents' closet and go as one of them. Pick out their favourite outfit or work uniform and wear their favourite perfume or cologne. You could also ask to borrow some jewellery, like a watch or necklace, to complete the look.


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