How to make an adult fancy dress costume?


How to make an adult fancy dress costume?


Superhero costumes are always popular at costume parties because they allow partygoers to pretend to have super powers. The superhero trend is further perpetuated by the movies and cartoons based on superhero characters. Your adult superhero costume can be of an actual superhero, or you can create your own character for the costume event. A superhero costume usually consists of a spandex bodysuit, gloves and a mask. The accessories will vary depending on the superhero and his powers. Make an adult superhero costume with items you have around your house, a few craft supplies and some party store accessories.

Step One

Create the base of your costume with a spandex bodysuit or tight leggings and a tight shirt. You can use white spandex pants and a shirt that athletes wear for warmth and dye them the appropriate color with clothing dye.

Step Two

Make a cape for your superhero costume if the hero wears one. Measure and cut a piece of vinyl fabric long enough to extend from the base of your neck to mid-thigh and wide enough to drape across your shoulder and back.

Step Three

Glue the cape to the shoulders of your shirt or cut the fabric so it has narrow strings at the top to tie it around your neck.

Step Four

Draw and cut out the superhero emblem from a piece of foam paper in the appropriate color. You may also use fabric and sew the emblem to the chest of the costume.

Step Five

Glue the emblem across the chest of the shirt.Draw and cut out a mask from a piece of foam paper. Punch a hole in each side of the mask and tie a piece of elastic string to each hole to keep the mask on your face.

Step Six

Purchase a white ski mask that covers your whole head and dye it the right color with clothing dye. Some superheroes wear simple masks, while others require a hood to cover the hair.

Step Seven

Find a pair of bloomers at a cheerleading or dance store if your superhero wears briefs over the spandex suit. You can find these in a variety of colors, but you may have to order them online for adult sizes.

Step Eight

Cut out various shapes from foam paper and glue them to the wide belt to make it look like tools on a utility belt.

Step Nine

Wear gloves that extend up to your elbows. If you can't find long gloves, wear gloves in the appropriate to cover your hands and cut off the lower part of a long-sleeve shirt's sleeves to extend up to your elbows.

Step Ten

Complete the ensemble with knee-high boots. If you can't find the right boots, you can buy a pair of secondhand boots from a thrift store, and spray paint them to match the color of your superhero.


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