How to clean a real dirty oven


How to clean a real dirty oven


Clean a real dirty oven with these valuable tips, shared by a professional London cleaner. He will share with you some interesting cleaning tricks, which will make the cleaning easier and more simple. So start reading and in a few minutes, you will be able to deal with the cleaning problem.

There are many ways to clean your oven. Doing it regularly will save you some really serious efforts later. So the key of facilitating your work. In this short guide on how to clean your really dirty oven, the professional Fantastic Cleaners London will share with you some really interesting tips for cleaning your oven. Read what the professionals want to share with you and start cleaning now!

Step One

Before you start cleaning, you should gather your cleaning supplies and tools. You will need some baking soda, water, a bowl for the solution, a clean cloth and a wallpaper scraper. Natural products are so much better than the store cleansers.

Step Two

First of all, you should make the cleaning paste. Mix the soda and the water into a thin paste.

Step Three

Apply the cleaning paste on all the oven surfaces such as doors and walls, and use the cloth to distribute it even. Now, you should leave the solution to do its job for at least half an hour.

Step Four

The stains will begin to soften and melt. When enough time passed, you should remove the stains using the scraper. The professional cleaner London advises you to rinse the scraper once you are done. Your oven will sparkle for less than an hour!

Step Five

An important tip is to open the windows and turn the kitchen fans on.

Step Six

The professional cleaners around London can always give you more ideas and tips on how to clean your really dirty oven. The experts recommend that you should use natural products to clean the rest of your house as well. There are hundreds of different recipes on how to clean different items and materials. If you are still wondering how to remove the ugly red wine stain from your carpet, you should contact the experts and learn interesting tips and materials. If you need more details on the best way to clean your really dirty oven, the solution is the same! Good luck!


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