How to replace fence posts


Replacing the damaged post is cheaper and easier than replacing a fence. There is no need to replace a whole fence if a few posts are damaged. Whether the post is wood or metal, the pole can be removed and replaced with a little time and effort. Read on to learn how to replace fence post.

Step One

Pry the fence from the post with a pry bar if the fence is wooden.

Step Two

Detach the wires holding a metal fence to the post with wire cutters or pliers. Cut the wires close to the fence to detach them.

Step Three

Dig around the post with a shovel. If the post is set in concrete, uncover the top of the concrete and dig out one side around the concrete.

Step Four

Lean the post into the dug-out side and slide it out onto the ground.

Step Five

Break the concrete up with a sledge hammer to make the post easier to move.

Step Six

Repack the sides of the hole with dirt or clay. Make sure the sides are packed well.

Step Seven

Mix new concrete and pour it in the hole. Sack-crete or concrete you mix can be bought at any hardware store. To mix the concrete, add water and stir. The concrete will need to be mixed well but does not have to be smooth. The bag will tell you how much water to add and how often to stir the concrete.

Step Eight

Place the new post in the hole and let the concrete dry. Make sure the post is straight in the hole. The post may need to be held up for a few minutes to make sure it will remain straight.

Step Nine

Reattach the fence with a screwdriver or drill for wood fences, or pliers for metal fences.


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