How to make a snack wrap like McDonalds


How to make a snack wrap like McDonalds


I really like McDonald’s snack wraps. I always get the crispy chicken with ranch.

One day it hit me that I could probably make them at home. This summer I assembled what I thought was in them, and well, we’ve been eating them regularly ever since.

While I prefer the crispy chicken wrap you could easily make the grilled chicken wrap by using chicken tenderloins instead of chicken strips.

Step One

Ingredients - 6 tortillas $1.00, 1/2 head of lettuce $.50, 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese $.99, 6-8 breaded chicken strips $3.25, 1 cup ranch dressing $.76,.Serve with apples ($1.00) and chips ($2.50) for a complete meal. Total cost $10.00.

Step Two

Instructions - Bake chicken strips as package directions.

Step Three

Place chicken in the middle of one tortilla.

Step Four

Sprinkle lettuce and cheese over the chicken strip.

Step Five

Then drizzle ranch over it.

Step Six

Fold the bottom end up and and then roll up to create wrap.

Step Seven

Total cooking time is about 20 minutes.


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