How to remove chewing gum from carpet


How to remove chewing gum from carpet


It’s a sticky dilemma: What do you do when the Double Bubble lands on your living room carpet? While your natural reaction might be to blow up at the gum chewer in the family, be sweet instead and follow these tips. You’ll be out of this mess in no time.

Step One

Scrape away as much of the gum as you can using a spatula or spoon (to protect carpet fibers).

Step Two

Vacuum or brush away loose pieces.

Step Three

Rub the remaining gum with a plastic bag filled with ice until the gum is frozen.

Step Four

Chip away the frozen gum fragments using a spatula or spoon.

Step Five

Dissolve any final traces of the stuff by dabbing with a small amount of dry-cleaning fluid. Blot.

Step Six

Blot on a detergent solution of 1/4 tsp. mild dishwashing liquid and 1 cup (8 fl oz/250 ml) warm water.

Step Seven

Rinse thoroughly.


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