How to make great potato wedges


How to make great potato wedges


Potato wedges are always a favorite for kids and grown-ups alike; they’re easy to make and great for barbecues and parties. Make a lot as they’re bound to go quickly!

Step One

Scrub the amount of potatoes needed until they are clean. Do not peel them. Cut away any discoloured parts of the potatoes that don't look appetizing.

Step Two

Cut each potato in half.

Step Three

Cut each half into wedge shapes.

Step Four

Place the wedges in a large bowl. Pour in just enough oil to cover each wedge. Alternatively, shake them in a plastic bag to coat them in the oil (which saves one less dish to wash). Use old bread bags or other recycled bag.

Step Five

Add the spice, salt, herbs, whatever you would like and mix well. If liked, you can add mustard oil until each wedge is covered with it.

Step Six

Place the wedges on a baking tray or oily sheet. Make sure that each wedge is positioned on the base of the tray or sheet, in its own place; don't crowd them or layer them. If you need more space, use more baking trays or sheets.

Step Seven

Bake in an oven at 350ºF/180ºC. Bake until both sides are golden brown. Before removing all of the wedges from the oven, remove one to check to see if it is soft on the inside.

Step Eight

Serve. Serve with sauce of choice, while still hot.


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