How to identify buzzards


How to identify buzzards


buzzard is easy to spot with these helpful tips.

Step One

Notice the approximate shape and coloring of the bird. Buzzards have thick bodies and their plumage usually varies between medium to dark brown.

Step Two

Check the shape and size of the wings. Buzzards have large sweeping wings with blunt, moth-like tips.

Step Three

Look for tail size in relation to the bird's body. A buzzard's tail is relatively short and wide, usually dark in color, and has faint horizontal banding.

Step Four

Using your binoculars, scan closer for a view of the bird's head. Buzzards have short rounded heads.

Step Five

A buzzard's under body and wings are light-colored. They have a large wingspan that can extend as wide as 60 inches.

Step Six

Listen for the buzzard's repetitive "call," which resembles a kitten's meowing.


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