How to clean a PC keyboard


How to clean a PC keyboard


A grimy appearance is just one reason to clean your computer keyboard. If dust gets stuck underneath the keys, they might not work properly. And spilled liquids can be your keyboard’s death knell if not taken care of. Here are a few easy steps to get your computer keyboard clean.

Step One

Purchase any supplies you need: compressed air (in an aerosol can); a soft rag; Endust for Electronics, or any nonabrasive household cleaning fluid suitable for cleaning plastic; and a dust mask if you're allergic to dust.

Step Two

Check your owner's manual. If the manufacturer has provided specific instructions, follow them.

Step Three

Shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard.

Step Four

Use compressed air to clean between the keys. Spray at an angle to dislodge dust and grime.

Step Five

Shake loose dust gently out of the keyboard.

Step Six

If using Endust for Electronics or another aerosol cleaning fluid, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Otherwise, spray a small amount of fluid onto a rag.

Step Seven

Wipe the keys and chassis.

Step Eight

Wait until the keyboard is dry before reconnecting it to the computer.

Step Nine

Reconnect the keyboard and restart the computer.


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