What are the benefits of Hydrogen Cars?


What are the benefits of Hydrogen Cars?


Cars that use a hydrogen power source represent a giant step forward in the development of environmentally safe, alternative-fuel vehicles. Vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells store hydrogen gas in high-pressure tanks. Hydrogen is then combined with oxygen through a chemical process that ultimately yields the electricity used run the vehicle.

Step One

Fewer Greenhouse Gases - Unlike vehicles that run on gasoline and other-petroleum products, hydrogen-powered cars do not produce greenhouse gases. When hydrogen burns, it produces water vapor.

Step Two

Reduced Oil Consumption - Hydrogen-powered cars will ultimately lead to less dependence on foreign oil. This will lead to increased national security as well as curb the often contentious debate over the environmental impact of drilling oil wells.

Step Three

More Energy-Efficient - Cars with internal combustion engines use only 20 percent of the energy available in gasoline. Cars with hydrogen fuel cells use about 40 to 60 percent of hydrogen's potential energy.

Step Four

Quiet and Less Vibration - Because hydrogen fuel cells have no moving parts, they are much quieter and produce fewer vibrations than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

Step Five

Reliability - Once again, because of the lack of moving parts, cars powered by hydrogen are expected to be much more reliable than their gas, and even battery-powered counterparts.

Step Six

Flexible Appearance - Hydrogen fuel cells can be designed in a variety of shapes. This means that the traditional shape of cars can be adapted and advanced, providing futuristic appearances, more available options and more space.


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