How to improve security to your home


How to improve security to your home


Recent crimes and home burglaries are quite common to many residential homes and communities. Securing your home against criminals and intruders have become essential priorities in most suburbs and in Town House Complexes. Securing your belongings and ensuring the safety of family and children need not cost you arm or a leg.Here are several ways to burglar proof your home or property.

Step One

Create a wall or barrier between your own property and the next. This can be done by building a retaining wall using either bricks or wood. Ensure the height of the wall is tall enough to prevent intruders from jumping over the fence. This also creates a private space immediately outside the realms of your home.

Step Two

Plant a natural thorny hedge around the edges of your property. This method can be a whole lot cheaper and cost effective in terms of labor and finances. Choose shrubs or plants that are spiky or thorny. These will deter possible criminals from attempting to invade your home.

Step Three

Remove any unwanted objects or possible items that can be used to break glass or batter down a door. Items like logs, bricks, wire and anything solid needs to be kept away from sight. Burglars and intruders find it easier to gain entry if these items are available to help them break into your home.

Step Four

Add metal burglar guards to the windows and doors of your home. These come in various designs and styles. They also add value and improve the image of your property and home. Depending on your budget, different types of metal and textures can be purchased.

Step Five

Ensure that gates and windows are not left open when going away. Always check to ensure that gates are padlocked and windows are properly closed before leaving your home. Try using strong good quality padlocks that will deter and make life difficult for someone trying breaking in.

Step Six

Install an alarm in your home. This will automatically activate when forced entry is attempted into your home. Depending on the value of the contents in your home, this may serve as a more reliable and safer alternate to protecting your belongings.

Step Seven

Ask the neighbor to check on your property when at work or on vacation. Regular checks by a reliable neighbor or friend can deter criminals from knowing that the house is unoccupied. Ask a friend to switch on at least one light that makes the house appear lived in when you are away for longer periods of time.


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