how to install a pedestal sink


how to install a pedestal sink


Pedestal sinks add a touch of elegance to a bathroom. They are a more stylish alternative to the typical countertop sink. Installing a pedestal sink can be tricky since it comes in two parts, the basin and the pedestal. Since the weight of the basin isn’t carried entirely by the pedestal it must be secured to the wall with a bracket for additional support.

Step One

Go to the store and purchase a pedestal sink and matching faucet.

Step Two

Find the spot in your bathroom you would like to place the sink. There must be something sturdy to attach the basin to. If there is only plaster or drywall, you must install blocking between the wall studs to add extra support.

Step Three

Place the basin and pedestal in the desired position. Make sure the basin is level and then mark the position of the pilot holes on the wall and floor.

Step Four

Drill holes in the wall and floor. Install the faucet and drain in the basin and attach the water supply.

Step Five

Return the basin and pedestal to the selected position and bolt the basin securely to the wall. Support the basin with 2 x 4s and remove the pedestal. Finish connecting the water supply lines and test for leaks. If there are any leaks, patch with Teflon tape.

Step Six

Move the pedestal back into position and secure it to the floor with bolts or adhesive caulk. Apply caulking to the area between the sink and the wall and smooth out any beading.


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