How to choose a color for your bathroom


How to choose a color for your bathroom


Your bathroom is your sanctuary, your retreat from the chaos of this world. Or, at least, that’s the way it should be. Creating this kind of spa-like retreat starts with choosing the right color palette for your bathroom. You can make even the smallest bath a soothing oasis with just a few brush strokes of the right paint.

Step One

Use the other colors present in the bathroom to help you choose the right colors for your bathroom. Everything from cabinetry to tiles to the shower curtain should be used as inspiration in your color palette selection process.

Step Two

Choose a soothing color scheme for the ultimate spa bath retreat. You can build your color palette around hues of blue, green and periwinkle purple. These are all colors within the cool spectrum of the color wheel.

Step Three

Use paint to make your bathroom feel warm and cozy. Rich colors such as burgundy, gold, and royal purple all appear in the warm section of the spectrum of the color wheel.

Step Four

Add a sense of vibrancy to your bath by choosing paint in primary colors. Red, blue and yellow can be combined to create a primary color palette that will help motivate you through your morning ablutions.

Step Five

Choose a neutral and sophisticated color palette by using colors such as brown and cream in medium values for your paint colors. You can bring color to this neutral backdrop through bath accessories such as plants, towels and decorative items.

Step Six

Make your bathroom appear larger by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. This trick is most effective when using a lighter shade of paint for the wall color.

Step Seven

Reduce the appearance of a large master bath room by selecting a darker value of your base color for the ceiling. By painting the ceiling a darker color than the walls, you can create the illusion that the room is smaller and cozier than it actually is.


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