How to replace a washer in a reverse pressure tap?


How to replace a washer in a reverse pressure tap?


A reverse-pressure tap is similar to the normal tap only upside down. The washer moves upwards to the seat when the tap is turned. To change a washer in reverse pressure taps there is no need to turn off the water supply because when the body is removed an internal check valve closes to prevent water flow.
‘Put the plug in’ – Insert the plug into the hole, this will save any small objects that might fall from the tap during repair.

Step One

Removing the body -Undo the nut above the body of the tap.

Step Two

Once this is done the body can be removed by undoing the tap as if you were turning the tap on.

Step Three

Don’t be alarmed by the water that runs, keep unscrewing the body until it comes off.

Step Four

When the body is removed the internal check valve will operate to stop the water.

Step Five

Replacing the washer -By banging the nozzle of the body empty out the inner workings of the tap.

Step Six

Bang the nozzle of the body to loosen the inside.

Step Seven

Once the inside is loose it can be emptied out to reveal the washer.

Step Eight

Prise the washer off with a screwdriver and replace.

Step Nine

Reassemble the tap in reverse order.


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