How to make a temporary repair to a cracked roofing slate


How to make a temporary repair to a cracked roofing slate


If rainwater is coming in through a cracked tile or slate and you cannot get a replacement immediately, make a temporary repair to reduce to a minimum the damage done by damp.

Step One

You will need Tools Ladder with stand-off bracket; roof ladder; wooden wedges (panel below); wire brush; paintbruSh; sharp knife; old wallpaper sean roller. Materials Flashing strip primer; self- adhesive flashing strip.

Step Two

Raise the one or two tries or slates that overlap onto the cracked one to give you better access. Prop them up with wooden wedges.

Step Three

Use the wire brush to clean the surface round the crack.

Step Four

Brush a coat of flashing strip primer into and round the crack, making a strip as wide as the flashing strip. The primer ensures a good bond between tile or slate and flashing strip.

Step Five

Cut a piece of flashing strip from the roll with a sharp knife. Make it long enough to cover all the crack.

Step Six

Press the strip into place and bed t well down. Run a small wallpaper seam roller to and fro over it to firm it down,

Step Seven

Bituminous sealant in an applicator gun seals a fine crack with very little work. Prop up the tiles or slates that overlap the cracked one, brush out the crack and then inject sealant.


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