How to wirelessly connect to a home stereo


How to wirelessly connect to a home stereo


Digital music might seem trapped on your computer, but there are dozens of products that allow you to enjoy your music on your stereo system. And many of those devices do it wirelessly. Getting music to your computer wirelessly is a matter of choosing the right device and following a few simple instructions.

Step One

Decide what type of content that you want to play on your stereo. Internet radios are designed to tap into the thousands of free radio stations that broadcast over the Web. Media bridges allow you to wirelessly stream your digital music collection — for example, from an iTunes library — to your stereo. Some devices include Internet radio, popular sites like Pandora and Rhapsody, and media-bridge capabilities. Companies like Roku, Sonos and Logitech make a variety of music-streaming products.

Step Two

Ensure that the player you choose will work with your computer and Wi-Fi network. Closely read the system requirements on the packaging. Pay attention to things like the type of Wi-Fi network (e.g., 802.11 b,n,g), the type of files it supports (MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.) and the hardware and software necessary to run it.

Step Three

Connect the streaming device to your stereo. Use either RCA cables or a digital connection to plug the audio output on the streaming device to an available audio input on your stereo. The streaming device will receive the wireless audio from your computer and will deliver it to your stereo via a hard connection.

Step Four

Set up the streaming box. Follow the instructions or on-screen prompts to set up your box. You'll likely have to enter in password information for your network so that the box is able to recognize and receive information on the network.

Step Five

Install any necessary software. If your streaming device came with software, you'll need to install it on your computer in order to complete and configure the streaming system. Follow all on-screen prompts and instructions.

Step Six

Turn on your stereo and switch to the appropriate audio input. For instance, if you connected the box to the audio input labeled "Aux," switch the stereo to that input to get the box to play.


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