How to replace a plastic screen on an iPhone


How to replace a plastic screen on an iPhone


The iPhone is a range of smart phones designed and built by Apple, which use a glass-coated touchscreen as their main form of user interface. The importance of keeping the screen in good working order is therefore paramount to getting the most out of an iPhone. Applying a transparent plastic screen protector is the best method for reducing fingerprints and scratches on the surface of the glass, and regular screen protector replacements will keep an iPhone looking brand new.

Step One

Insert the pin carefully under the corner of the existing plastic screen protector.

Step Two

Peel back the screen protector using the pin, until there's enough to take hold of with a finger and thumb. Remove the old screen protector fully.

Step Three

Spray a small amount of window cleaner on the corner of the microfiber cloth, and use it to clean the iPhone's glass screen.

Step Four

Remove one side of the new screen protector's film cover, and align one end of the screen protector with the end of the iPhone containing the home button.

Step Five

Rub the top of the screen protector with the microfiber cloth, starting at the end of the iPhone and working your way along the screen. Ensure the cut-out in the screen protector aligns with the home button as you gradually lay the protector onto the length of the screen.

Step Six

Remove the remaining film cover from the top of the screen protector, and inspect for air bubbles. If you can't work the air bubbles out by rubbing the protector with the microfiber cloth, use the pin to lift the plastic protector as far as the bubble and repeat Step 5.


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