How to balance on a bike


How to balance on a bike


The first thing I’d recommend doing is lowering the seat until it’s at a level that while sitting on it your feet can both touch the ground. This will mean that if the bike is ever about to fall you’ll be able to put your feet on the ground comfortably.

Step One

Sit on the bike seat and just use your feet on the ground to push the bike forward and get some motion. See if you can get going fast enough that you can temporarily lift both feet from the ground and sort of just glide on the bike. Do this until you get the feel for balancing. Forward motion is really critical at first so don't try to force the bike to go really slow. The bike going forward means it's less likely to just fall over.

Step Two

Once you can glide alright try pedaling a little bit. If the seat is still down low you may want to raise it up so that pedaling is more comfortable. Again, forward motion is critical. If you're moving forward and the bike starts to fall sideways it'll just turn. If you're not moving forward and the bike starts to fall you'll just fall.

Step Three

Keep your head up when you ride just as you would when you are running or walking. You'll tend to weave and wobble if you look at the ground immediately in front of you.

Step Four

Put the bike in a low gear so you can push the pedals with ease.

Step Five

You don't really need to balance on a bike, the bike is already balanced; you're probably yanking the handlebars which is making you wobble.

Step Six

Relax as much as you can; on a straight and level piece of road or pavement you can steer a bicycle with just one finger.


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