Cold Rooms? Warm Them Up With These DIY Tips


Cold Rooms? Warm Them Up With These DIY Tips


Do you have a room or rooms in your home that make you shiver? It may not just be the temperature in the room that is causing the problem, the colour and layout may also be responsible. Our homes are one of the few things that we can call our own in the world, so it’s important that we use every last inch of them to their full potential. If you have cold rooms in your home, you probably avoid spending too much time in them. That’s just a waste of precious space! Here are some excellent DIY improvements you can make to warm up those chilly spaces.

Boost your radiators

The most logical place to start is with your radiators. You should not have any furniture or objects in front of them as this will prevent the flow of heat into the room. You should also check they are functioning properly. If you feel cool spots towards the top, this could mean there is trapped air or gas, and you will need to bleed the radiator. If you have a very old radiator, it will probably be clogged up and ineffective at heating your room. If this is the case, check out our guide on how to easily replace a radiator.

You may also wish to install additional radiators in cold rooms. For example, a chilly bathroom could really benefit from a heated towel rail. If you are keen to make this improvement, you may wish to view all Phoenix radiators and valves for styles that would suit your bathroom.

Seal up your rooms

One of the main causes of cold and draughty rooms are gaps and cracks in the walls, flooring and around the windows and doors. There are many things you can use to make your rooms air tight and cosy, from rubber sealants to draught excluders. Have a look at your options and see what works for you and your rooms.

Boost your natural light

It’s incredible what difference natural light can make to the warmth of a room. So, in the colder areas of your home, make sure the windows are as clutter-free as possible. Remove objects and ornaments from the window sills and pull back curtains and lift up blinds as far as they go to maximise the light.

Layering your window treatments is a stylish and practical design trick. Layer sheer blinds with slightly thicker curtains. The curtains allow you to keep the warmth during the evening, and the sheer blind allows plenty of light to flood into the room during the day. Another nifty trick: place mirrors opposite windows to reflect the sunlight all around the room.

Add warm colours and accessories

Cold rooms often benefit from a few warm decorative touches. Wooden or tiled floors will gain warmth from a few rugs or runners. And cushions, throws and bedspreads will also help to cosy up an otherwise chilly area. Use a mix of warm and cool colours for the best effect.

Don’t avoid the cold rooms in your home any longer! With these helpful tips and many more, you can give your chilly rooms a new warm life.

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