How to unblock a toilet


You can try to unblock a toilet yourself in a number of ways:

When you first realise that your toilet is blocked you can use your toilet brush to try and plunge the toilet, this is more than likely going to be too small as my toilet brush is quite small but it is worth a try first. If this fails try using a mop with a strong plastic bag secured on the end of the mop head. Then plunge the toilet a few times until the toilet empties. You may need to flush a bucket of water down after this to make sure it has been flushed down properly and check the blockage is clear. Flushing the toilet is naturally the first thing to do but a bucket of water has more force. You may be able to unblock the toilet without a plunger. You can get a strong wire coat hanger and make it into a snake, then feed this through the blockage which is probably clogged up with toilet paper, poop etc, and try and pull it out rather than forcing it through. Unblocking the toilet when it is clogged up can be a very unpleasant job but this needs to be done; and can’t be left because this has to be done quickly or as soon as possible. Do be careful not to scratch the toilet as contact with the wire is likely to damage the toilet surfaces. If all this fails your next option is to try the outside toilet drain and pipes, as the blockage could be there and nothing you do to the inside toilet will remedy the problem, (that is for the UK toilets). I recommend at all times to keep your hands protected with rubber gloves, if you don’t have any ensure you use a bag on both hands to protect from toilet waste. Finally you can always flush bleach down the toilet to ensure the job is done.


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