How to paint bicycle rims


How to paint bicycle rims


With a little patience and persistence, you can paint your own bicycle rims and save yourself a significant amount of money. Remove the wheels from the bicycle and prepare the surface for painting. Clean the parts well prior to painting. Use a good primer and metal paint to achieve the best results.

Step One

Remove the nuts that hold the axle to the frame with the pliers. Some bicycles will not have nuts. If your bicycle has a quick-release, loosen this to remove the wheel.

Step Two

Lift the chain up to clear the gear cluster. Slide the wheel off.

Step Three

Deflate the tire by pressing down on the valve. Insert a tire lever or a flat object such as a flat knife handle under the rim, and carefully pry the tire off.

Step Four

Sand any rusty areas or chipping paint until the area is smooth.

Step Five

Clean the rims well and allow to dry.

Step Six

Lay the rims on paper or plastic, away from other objects.

Step Seven

Spray one side of the rims with primer. Allow to dry according to the manufacturer's directions. Apply a second coat of primer. Allow to dry, turn rims over, and repeat.

Step Eight

Apply your first coat of paint using smooth, even strokes. Spray lightly and evenly. Allow to dry. Repeat until desired color is attained. Turn the rims over and repeat.


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