How to make a bicycle lighter


How to make a bicycle lighter


Making your bike lighter isn’t especially difficult. Be prepared to spend some money, though.

Step One

Concentrate on rotating weight first - wheels, pedals and so on. This will have the biggest impact on how light your bike feels when you're riding it.

Step Two

Buy lighter tires. This is the most effective and cheapest way to bring down the weight of your bike.

Step Three

Buy a lightweight wheel set. Look for something hand-built.

Step Four

Buy lighter pedals. You may want to consider clipless pedals, which will also improve your comfort and efficiency.

Step Five

Upgrade your fork. Replace your heavy stock suspension fork with a lighter, higher-performance model. Or replace your heavy steel road fork with a carbon fiber fork to decrease weight and smooth out road vibrations.

Step Six

Consider new cranks or a lighter bottom bracket.

Step Seven

Buy a lightweight seat and seat post. Compared with some other upgrades, these are relatively inexpensive, and you'll feel the difference when climbing out of the saddle.

Step Eight

Consider titanium if you really want to go for the ultimate in lightweight parts. Titanium cassettes, skewers, bolt kits, bottom brackets, stems, bars, seat posts and so on are all on the market. Each will bring the weight down but will also make the price shoot up.


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