How to fix broken pottery


How to fix broken pottery


Pottery is fragile and may break during firing, transportation or accidentally fall. A broken piece of pottery is not necessarily ruined if you know how to fix it. Pottery with cracks, chips and even larger missing pieces can be fixed using glue or plaster. Add finishing touches by coloring the fixed area in tones that are similar to the original color of the item.

Step One

Fix Broken Pottery if You Have All Pieces - Gather the pieces that broke off and identify where they come from.Clean the pot and the broken pieces using dishwasher detergent so that the glue will adhere better to the surface. Allow the pieces to dry completely.

Step Two

Apply PVA glue to one piece that has broken off using a paintbrush. Put the piece in its original place. If you have several pieces that have broken off, do the same for each of these.

Step Three

Fill half of the cardboard box with sand and place the pot inside to keep it from moving. Add more sand if needed. Keep the piece in the box for 12 hours.

Step Four

Clean any excess glue using a sponge and water. PVA glue or white glue is water-based and is easy to clean.

Step Five

Apply a thin layer of color over the area where the pieces are joined. Use a small brush.

Step Six

Apply varnish over the fixed area.

Step Seven

Fix Items With Missing Pieces - Clean and prepare the pot following Step 2 from the previous section. Prepare plaster to obtain the consistency of a thick paste. Use one part water and one part plaster.

Step Eight

Use a small paintbrush and apply plaster paste to the chipped areas. The plaster hardens within minutes and dries completely within 12 hours.

Step Nine

Sand the areas that you repaired using fine-grit sandpaper.

Step Ten

Apply colors that are similar to the original colors of the pot. Plaster is a highly absorbent material, so apply several coats of paint. Varnish the fixed areas.


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