How to build a barrel kiln


How to build a barrel kiln


If you choose to create pottery in your own home or studio, you will need access to a kiln to fire or harden the pots. Building permanent kiln structures can be costly and dangerous if you don’t have the proper training. Building a barrel kiln is inexpensive and less dangerous, if properly vented. Pottery fired in a barrel kiln has unpredictable finishes with a “molten” appearance because of the way the smoke, chemicals and ash affect the glaze.

Step One

Building the Kiln - Choose a location for the barrel kiln that is clear of fire hazards such as trees and long grass. Place fire bricks on the ground.

Step Two

Cut a hole in the side of the 55-gallon drum near the base using the reciprocating saw. The size of the hole should allow the chimney pipe to be inserted and fit tightly.

Step Three

Drill holes through the drum and connector plate around the chimney pipe hole. Insert bolts into the drilled holes. Screw on the nuts onto the bolts to fasten the chimney pipe to the drum. Tighten the nuts with a wrench.

Step Four

Set the drum on the fire bricks. Adjust the chimney so that it is vertical and secure.

Step Five

Loading the Kiln - Place a layer of wood, straw and kindling in the bottom of the kiln. Wrap the pottery with the chemically treated rags.

Step Six

Nestle the pottery into the pile of wood, straw and kindling. Insert more wood vertically into the drum. Gently fill the rest of the drum with wood, straw and kindling ending with a large layer of straw.

Step Seven

Light the straw. Allow the kiln to burn uncovered until the flames die down and there are mostly glowing coals. Lay the steel pipe on top of the drum near one edge. Set the lid on top of the drum. The steel pipe will keep the lid lifted slightly to allow air to flow in the top, down the drum and out the chimney.

Step Eight

Let the drum burn until it self-extinguishes.

Step Nine

Let the drum burn until it self-extinguishes.


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