How to test your iPhone 6


How to test your iPhone 6


Before you get too attached to your shiny new iPhone 6, you can run a series of tests to check the smartphone’s performance and reliability. In the past, some iPhone 6 owners have had to stop at a local Apple Store to have the device fixed or replaced. These tests can determine the phone’s signal strength, data connection, audio quality and battery life. If the phone does not live up to your performance expectations, then make a trip to the nearest Apple Store for additional troubleshooting and support.

Step One

Turn on the iPhone 6 and access the "Phone" app. Dial 3001#12345# on the virtual keypad and tap the "Call" button. The signal indicator is now replaced by a number. Online tech website Gizmodo writes, "The more negative the number, the worse the signal is. Example: -100 is worse than -85." To leave the iPhone's test field mode, press the "Home" button once; it will automatically exit.

Step Two

Place a call to a friend or family member. Carry on a conversation as you normally would, but pay attention to the iPhone's audio quality. Things you can listen for include crackling noises, static and other sound anomalies you find annoying. As well, the person's voice on the other end should have a warm, full tone. If the audio is low or weak, it may be an indication the phone is defective.

Step Three

Tap the "Camera" app from the iPhone's home screen. Snap a few pictures in different lighting. Be sure to take photos of different objects, too. Later on, if you can upload the pictures to your computer, that is the best way to tell if there is a potential issue with the iPhone's built-in camera.

Step Four

Tap the "Safari" browser app from the home screen. Visit a few of your favorite websites and test the quality of the Internet connection. You want to test how quickly the sites load on the phone. Surf to photo-intensive and text-only websites if possible to get a full grasp of the phone's browser capabilities and data connection.

Step Five

Touch the 'iPod" app on your phone. Listen to a few songs to test the audio quality on music files. You should listen with and without headphones. Of course, you will first need to sync some music from iTunes with the device.

Step Six

Use the iPhone as much as possible in the first 24 hours of unboxing the device. Make phone calls, send text messages, watch videos and listen to lots of music. Apple claims the iPhone 4 has a battery life that can last up to six hours in 3G mode, up to 10 hours in Wi-Fi only, up to 10 hours with continuous video playback and 40 hours listening to music.


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