How to stop twirling hair


How to stop twirling hair


Twirling your hair can lead to hair loss and make you appear ditzy in front of someone who doesn’t realize it’s just a bad habit. If this is a compulsion, it’s recommended that you see your doctor for treatment. If it’s just a habit, these steps will help.

Step One

Watch yourself closely to see what times you generally play with your hair. You can see if it's caused by boredom or stress. You can also see if there's an outside factor causing it.

Step Two

Ask friends and family to watch you. They might notice times when you're doing this and don't even realize it. Ask them to let you know when you twirl your hair so that you can stop.

Step Three

Pull your hair back with a clip or band if it's long enough. If your hair is pulled back you won't be able to play with it. Pay attention to see if this strategy stops you from twirling your hair or if you simply pull a stray strand out of the clip and play with it.

Step Four

Find other things to occupy your hands. Try twirling a pencil or playing with a piece of your clothing.

Step Five

Find something to do if boredom is leading you to twirl your hair. Play video games or garden. Do something with your hands so that you don't return to your habit.

Step Six

Try relaxation methods if stress is the cause. Drink some calming tea. If you enjoy puzzles, work through a few to get your mind off things that are bothering you. Take a hot bath and listen to quiet music.

Step Seven

Reward yourself for beating the habit of twirling your hair. Buy a new CD you've been wanting or get an ice cream cone.


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