How to care for your teeth


How to care for your teeth


Strong, healthy teeth help you lead a healthier and happier life. Teeth also affect the appearance of your face and smile. And for maintaining good oral hygiene, there are lot of things that you need to take care of. Right from using the right technique of brushing to using the best dental toothbrush, every small detail helps in taking good care of your teeth.

Step One

Brush your teeth. Brushing and that too in the right technique is the first and foremost requirement for maintaining oral health. And for this you need to use the best toothbrush available in the market. Buy a dental toothbrush with soft bristles and which have a good grip so that you don’t hurt yourself while brushing your teeth. Hard bristles on your brush can damage your teeth.

Step Two

Always brush your teeth twice a day regularly. Brush your teeth in the morning before you go to sleep at night. In fact, you must brush your teeth after each meal. Brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes to make sure plaque and other bacteria are not left behind.

Step Three

Brush your teeth by using gentle strokes and paying extra attention to the gum line and the teeth at the back. Place the brush at a 45 degree angle on the gum line for brushing the front row of teeth. Use simple stroke up and down in a semi-circular motion.

Step Four

For cleaning the inner surfaces of the upper and lower row, push the brush back and forth in a gentle vibratory motion.

Step Five

Always use flavored fluoridated toothpaste for effective anti decay and good oral care.

Step Six

Also floss your teeth in the right way as this plays a very important way in keeping your teeth healthy.

Step Seven

Change your brush after every three months. Plus, you must change your toothbrush after you have suffered from a cold.

Step Eight

Run your toothbrush up and down in an oscillatory action.

Step Nine

Take special care to clean the inner areas of your mouth where it’s difficult for a toothbrush to reach unless you maintain wide opening with three fingers of your other hand.

Step Ten

After every six months you should visit your dentist as he is the one who can give you expert advice on your oral health.


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