Top Tips For Growing Fruit In A Small Garden


Top Tips For Growing Fruit In A Small Garden


If you have a small garden, then you might think that you are unable to grow your own produce in it, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While it might be slightly harder to grow vegetables, growing fruits and berries in a small space is easily doable.

Believe it or not, to grow a delicious selection of fruits at home, you don’t need a massive outdoor space. All you need is a small outside area, and you can grow almost every fruit that owners of larger gardens can grow

If you don’t have the space to plant full sized fruit trees, you can always opt for dwarf versions of your favourite fruits. There are various versions of dwarf fruit trees available, meaning that you can grow pretty much any fruit, from apples and pears to many other varieties, in a small space.

For other fruits, like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, you can plant these in tubs and containers around the garden.

To help you get to grips with growing lots of delicious fruits and berries in your garden, we have put together some handy tips below:

Choose the area of your garden carefully

Many fruit trees, even dwarf varieties, are picky about where they are planted. If you had a larger garden, choosing where to place each tree would be seen as critical.

However, with a smaller garden and lack of space, it is best not to panic about this. Instead, you should take into account a few of the following variables and use them to determine where you locate your fruit trees.

Soil shouldn’t be too wet, fruit trees don’t do well in soggy soil. They should be placed in an area with good circulation so that they can dry off quickly after any rain. To grow a good selection of fruit, fruit trees need to get a lot of sun. So it is important to plant them in a place that allows them to get at least six to eight hours of sun a day.

Decide whether to grow organically

More and more gardeners are now choosing to grow organically; this is mainly due to the health benefits of eating organic foods. However, it is important to consider whether you will have the time to maintain and care for your fruit trees and shrubs organically.

It is also important to consider whether you can afford to cover the cost of growing your fruits and berries organically. For example, instead of buying regular blueberry or strawberry plants, for an organic garden you would need to buy organic plants instead.

Pick your fruit trees and shrubs carefully

It is a good idea to pick trees and shrubs that have a natural resistance to disease. By selecting disease-resistant fruit trees and plants, you will reduce the chance of your fruit garden falling foul to disease.

Another important thing you need to check before buying fruit trees and shrubs for your garden is how hardy they are. There is no point spending a lot of money on fruit trees, only to have them die out in the winter months. Make sure to check how hardy each plant or tree is before you buy.

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