Selling Your Home? Easy Tips To Help You Get Your Asking Price


If you are thinking of selling your home, there are some simple things you can do to increase the likelihood of potential buyers meeting your asking price. They are all cost-effective, tried and tested methods that have been shown to work. So, if you are prepared to invest a small amount in cash and a little bit of time, read on to find out how to prepare your home for a sale.

Get Your Home Checked

There are two main ways of getting your home checked over. The first is to get an estate agent in. Most will offer a free valuation, and if you ask them their advice the majority of them will give you an overview of what to improve to get the best price and the most viewings. An estate agent will use their expertise of the local market and know what works and what doesn’t. Just make a list of their suggestions and carry them out.

The second alternative is a little more expensive, but could be worth it in the long term. All home buyers will use a surveyor to check your property and tell them what work needs doing. They will use that as a bargaining tool to reduce the asking price. So, hiring a property surveyor will give you a head start on any potential buyer and give you the opportunity of fixing any work that needs doing.

Repairs & Replacements

Check all rooms for basic repairs. Plastered areas are a common problem, as they are easy to damage. The walls, woodwork, and the ceiling should all be inspected with a fine toothcomb. You would be surprised of the psychological effect of hearing squeaks and groans from old cupboards and door hinges, so make sure they are all well-oiled.

Replace any cupboards or fittings that need upgrading. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you might be surprised at how much new fittings can lift even the dullest of kitchen cupboards. Also think about cleaning or repairing your carpet. Finally, make sure to look at the grouting of the tiles in your bathroom and kitchen. This will take a bit of elbow grease, but it is one of the first areas that prospective buyers will look. Nobody wants to have a bath in the midst of somebody else’s dirt!

External Areas

The walk up to your house is one of the most important factors in selling it. Many prospective buyers will form negative opinions that they take inside with them, so it is vital to consider outdoor areas. Tidy and declutter your garden, and give the walls a paint if needed.

Keep windows nice and clean throughout the selling period (this is most important if you live near a major road). Attend to any drain damage or leaks in external pipes, too. If you don’t, then a little bit of rain could scupper your asking price in an instant.

If you follow these tips and combine them with a little bit of hard work, your home will be ready for sale. Depending on the condition of your home, it could take a while to get everything up to scratch, so give yourself some time.

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